Desertification and drought are being ranked among global challenges yet to be overcome, affecting all regions of the world and in particular Africa. Besides the encroachment of sand dunes on land, desertification also includes persistent degradation of dryland ecosystems by human activities known as climate change.

To regenerate these degraded landscapes permanent agricultural solutions have to be implemented that bind the soil such that topsoil erosion is avoided caused by ever becoming more extreme weather events. We believe that drought resilient oleaginous crop can be part of these permanent solutions and thus having the potential to restore and regenerate eroded landscapes accelerating their transition towards agricultural purposes.

Within our diverse feedstock portfolio we have a strong focus on Jatropha curcas L., a crop well known for its capacity to survive under marginal circumstances. Compared to other oleaginous crop Jatropha is found to yield a significant amount of lipids and protein, under conditions in which Palm and Soy cannot thrive, while sequestrating significant amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere by means of a superior C4 photosynthetic cycle.

Through our technology and value chain platform we demonstrate the value of drought resilient crop stimulating its cultivations enabling semi-arid areas to generate significant revenues benefitting their socio-economic living conditions.

Water requirements
-80% irrigation needs

Lipids & Protein yield per hectare
+40% biomass yield