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Bio materials from drought-resilient crops

Our bio-products

The uptake of our bio-products in industrial applications has major benefits in terms of process safety & health while remaining cost competitive.

Vegetable oils

Our vegetable oils from drought-resilient crops have favourable characteristics for various product applications such as lubricants and plasticizers.

Formaldehyde Free Bio-Resins

Our vegetable protein concentrates show excellent adhesive properties for wood and paper applications substituting the usage of formaldehyde and isocyanates based resins.


Discover the applicability of our bio-actives for the development of bio-stimulants and bio-pesticides.

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Our value chain

Technology Licensing

The processing of drought resilient crop by our proprietary refining technology enables many industrial sectors to make the transition towards bio-based solutions benefiting their competitiveness while mitigating climate change.

16.5 CO2 tons saved per ha/year

Drought Resilient Crops

We process seeds from drought-resilient crops, cultivated in semi-arid regions, regenerating local agricultural potentials while fighting desertification.

Green Refining Technology

Seeds are processed to lipids, proteins, sugars, and lignin, without the usage of any organic solvents, each to be valorised towards high-value industrial applications.

Industrial Applications

The development of industrial applications is performed in collaboration with our clients, providing cost-competitive solutions while transitioning towards carbon neutrality.

Our SDGs

Climate Mitigating Strategy

Our value proposition directly addresses the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) by focussing, in particular, on these 6 goals.