Our Story

Our story begins in 2011 at the laboratories of Hayward – California where Agroils’ proprietary Jatropha Curcas L. processing method was developed. A method to recover each Jatropha seed constituent fraction to enable co-product valorisation, respectively for lipids, protein, sugars, and lignin. Since then Agroils has explored and verified the feasibility of Jatropha fractions to be used in a variety of industrial applications, guaranteeing Jatropha market potential.


Jatropha can survive through long periods of drought, a valuable characteristic allowing for increased vegetation cover in semi-arid areas enabling the regeneration of their agricultural potential. Such regeneration depends on the uptake of Jatropha derived bio-products in industrial applications. Thanks to our green refining technology, we realize this uptake by offering our bio-products to multiple industrial sectors, which in return stimulates the cultivation of Jatropha. Now Agroils Technologies is the leading innovator and supplier of Jatropha derived bio-intermediates, of which its demand is ever increasing by a broad range of industries.

JOil partnership

In 2015 a partnership was established between JOil and Agroils Technologies. The integration of JOil expertise about the genetic side of Jatropha, ensuring high quality Jatropha seeds and reliable harvest yield, gave boost to our refining capabilities. To date JOil is a major shareholder and strategic partner of Agroils Technologies resulting in Jatropha feedstock securance.


Our industrial refining activities are located in Sesto Fiorentino – Italy, where a demonstration plant is set-up with a capacity of 5000 tons. Today we devote our efforts to expanding our capacity towards 10.000 tons by 2020, offering multiple industrial sectors access to beneficial bio-products derived from drought resilient crop. By continuously introducing our bio-products to an ever diversifying industrial portfolio, we aim at contributing to a transition towards a bio-based economy. A transition we have to make together.