JATROPHA is a non-food tropical crop able to produce significant quantities of high oil content seeds (> 35%). The oil extracted from the seeds has been widely recognized as an ideal feedstock for biofuels production. Jatropha can be cultivated even in presence of limited rainfall patterns, thus limiting competition for prime farmland and providing economic impulse for rural economies in vast areas of the Planet.

From 2006 to 2012, over 1 Billion dollars have been invested by hundreds of organizations in Jatropha cultivation projects worldwide, many of them with the declared objective of empowering rural communities in some of the least developed countries.

In 2010-2012, several air carriers (Lufthansa, KLM, Air China, TAM, Air New Zealand) have used Jatropha oil derived bio-kerosene in passengers flights, contributing to fuel the interest on Jatropha as wonder crop.


TODAY, despite significant investments and a strong appreciation for the oil by multinational corporations, the reality check is that none of the Jatropha cultivation projects can be fully considered a successful one and many are being abandoned, leaving entire communities plenty of unfulfilled promises.

Several studies have investigated the reasons at the base of this global stumble. The key reasons have been widely recognized in:

  1. The lack of availability of high quality seeds planting material, which resulted in poor and inhomogeneous yield in the plantations;
  2. The impossibility to properly valorise the seedcake (the oil extraction co-product, representing 2/3 of seeds mass) for feed applications, due to the presence of a toxin, despite a protein content superior than soymeal (60% Vs 51%).


While several companies recently solved the first challenge, Agroils focused and solved the second one.



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